Fata Morgana

Fata Morgana

An intense relationship in boarding school confuses the identities of two
young women, leading to enlightenment for one, murder for the other.

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“Stegner’s second novel is a sensitive, fiercely intelligent portrait of a friendship—and its rupture—over time.”

Publishers Weekly

“A psychologically compelling and strangely indelible novel.”

San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle

“[Fata Morgana] display[s] the author’s remarkable sensitivity to both the physical and emotional territory she has chosen as her setting.”

Los Angeles Times

“Gutsy, unpretentious writing that would have made her renowned father-in-law right proud.”

San Jose Mercury News

“An extraordinary descriptive skill enhances the personality-driven plot of Lynn Stegner’s intriguing novel of self-discovery…. An unusual coming-of-age tale, Fata Morgana will stay with the reader for a long time.”

San Gabriel Valley Daily Tribune

“Fata Morgana is a beautifully written story about a powerful relationship between two women. In the tradition of Margaret Atwood, Stegner eloquently weaves the past into the present in her involving novel, and fascinates with her characters.”

Small Press

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